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Tactical Home Defense Training


They say, “home is where the heart is.” 

Well what happens when someone violates your space and attempts to enter unlawfully? Are you protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings?

Be prepared for the unthinkable. 

with Best Trainers

Training Content

The Tactical Home Defense course is designed to provide the student with the requisite skills needed to safely and effectively defend their home against an intruder. However, Savage Firearms and LTC Training will train the student in understanding there are no absolutes in home defense. The student will be equipped with the skills needed to effectively understand situational awareness.


Close Quarter Combat (CQB)

You will receive training in CBQ with regards to “clearing” your home during a possible illegal entry. You will learn the basics in room clearing techniques and how to effectively move throughout your home.


Tactical Awareness “Situational Awareness”

You will gain an understanding of situational awareness within an urban environment. You will be trained on how to look for verbal and non-verbal cues, which will assist in understanding your surroundings.


Defensive Tactics

You will learn basic defensive tactics with regards to maintaining control of your firearm. We will also teach basic measures in how to possibly disarm an individual safely when confronted with an attack.


Concealed Carry

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