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Firearms Training


Do you currently own a firearm or thinking of getting one?

Annually, more than 27,000 individuals are admitted to the emergency department for unintentional firearm injuries and over 500 die–that’s more than one per day, according to the CDC.

Come learn how to handle your weapon with skill and confidence with this essential course.

with expert Trainers

Training Content

The Firearms Training is designed to give the student the tools to effectively operate a firearm. The course will take a beginner and provide them with the tools to become comfortable and confident with a firearm.


Basic Firearms Fundamentals

You will learn basic firearms handling skills that include: proper grip, stance, trigger pull, and sights. We will ensure that you understand how these skills provide the ingredients needed to effectively handle and shoot a firearm.


Basic Firearms Shooting

During this course, you begin with firing with a non-operating handgun with a laser system. This training is designed to get you comfortable with your sights and trigger pull. We then transition you to a fully operational firearm with a laser system. You then get to understand how to operate a firearm within an operational environment, which prepares you for operating a firearm with actual ammunition.


Advanced Firearms Techniques

You will learn how to conduct proficient magazine exchanges, trigger reset, and target acquisition. We will also work on advanced shooting drills, which aim to make you a faster and more accurate shooter. Lastly, during this course, we will teach you how to tactically move with the firearm.


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